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Selling a Home?

6 reasons why a home should always be "sold" under warranty:

1. Should failure of a covered item occur during the listing period, seller pays only $55 for repair and/or replacement for each occurrence.

2. Unknown preexisting defects of covered items are included, provided the defect could not be detected through normal operation, maintenance or inspection.

3. Protects the seller from potential liability after close of sale on some of the most frequent causes of disputes by a buyer.

4. A warranted home can remove a buyer's concern over the condition of the property, and help discourage downward price negotiation.

5. Homes offered with a one-year major systems and appliances warranty, have a competitive edge over homes not listed under warranty.

6. Seller receives the protection and benefits of offering a warranted home free during the listing period.
Buying a Home??

Sudden breakdown of your home's major systems and appliances can occur at any time. Colorado Home Warranty, Inc. offers services for homeowners that can help control the high cost of home repairs.

Unlike your home owner's insurance, where you may never file a claim for damages, you will use your home warranty service. Sooner or later, and at the most unexpected times, you will experience failures of your home's major systems and appliances -- a cost that can run into hundreds to thousands of dollars!